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Legislative Action Committee (LAC) Membership

Legislative Action Committee Information

2014-15 Legislative Action Committee Co-Chairs are Mike Wilson, Community Colleges of Spokane, and Vicki Orrico, Bellevue College.

The TACTC Legislative Action Committee (LAC) consists of primary and secondary representatives from each Washington community and technical college district. The LAC’s duties are to develop legislative priorities for consideration and adoption by the TACTC Board of Directors; promote TACTC legislative and advocacy programs; and provide information to, and solicit support from, the TACTC membership.

Legislative Action Committee (LAC) Meetings






Additional Legislative Information:

For additional information, contact Kim Tanaka (360-704-4307, ktanaka@sbctc.edu, or cell, 360-790-0791) or Candace Robbecke (360-704-4317, crobbecke@sbctc.edu, or cell, 253-988-6102).

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