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SBCTC Policy Manual
Chapter 6: Capital Expenditures and Real Property Transactions

6.20.00 Capital Budget Request

6.20.10 Biennial Capital Budget

The SBCTC prepares a budget request on behalf of the colleges seeking state capital appropriations. OFM currently describes the types of capital projects as preservation (repairs, replacements), program (remodels, new space), and alternatively financed projects (see a more detailed set of Appendix A: Project Types/Categories that fall within the OFM structure used by the community and technical college system). The primary budget request in each biennium is submitted to OFM and the Legislature prior to the long session in odd-numbered calendar years. The budget request is expected to reflect the prioritized needs of the system and to be consistent with OFM instructions. The request:

  1. Is comprised of projects that are proposed by local boards of trustees to preserve, improve or expand educational facilities.
  2. Contains a long-range (ten year) capital program and includes requests for legislative authorization to acquire real property through alternative financing.

Legislative appropriations are made to the SBCTC for the projects at each college, and the SBCTC allocates the appropriated funds to the districts for the purposes identified by the Legislature (see Appendix B: Process and Schedule to view a typical timetable for biennial capital budget actions).

6.20.20 Supplemental Capital Budget

In the even-numbered year of a biennium, a supplemental capital budget may be proposed by the Governor and considered by the Legislature amending the biennial budget. OFM typically limits the funding requests in the supplemental budget to emergency situations or planned appropriation for the next phase of a project in process (see Appendix B: Process and Schedule for a typical timetable for a supplemental capital budget request).

6.20.30 Managing Capital Projects within Appropriations

It is the intent of the State Board that colleges will manage capital projects within the level of their state appropriation and approved local funds.

  1. Any instance where circumstances in a project resulting from claims or disruptions that may require an increase in the appropriation must be brought before the State Board.
  2. Prior to execution, the State Board is required to approve any agreement that would generate a supplemental budget request to the Legislature.

Policy History

ActionDescriptionRevision Date
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 9/19/2002

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