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SBCTC Policy Manual
Chapter 4: Instructional Program and Course Development

4.20.00 Degree Requirements

The State Board shall ensure that each college district shall offer thoroughly comprehensive educational, training and service programs to meet the needs of both the communities and students served. The State Board shall establish minimum standards to govern the requirement for degrees and certificates awarded by the colleges (see RCW 28B.50.090(7)(c)).

Certificates, associate degrees and secondary awards: Statutory authority for community and technical colleges to offer certificates and degrees can be found in RCW 28B.50.020. The requirements for degrees, certificates, and high school diplomas awarded by the state’s community and technical colleges must follow guidelines and approval processes established by the SBCTC and statewide degrees designed for transfer from a community and technical college to public and most independent universities include the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) and the Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T) Agreement; both degrees have Major Related Programs (MPR)  that represent course of study leading to a specific major at a university.  Colleges may also enter into a local agreement between the college and at least one baccalaureate institution willing to accept the degree in transfer (see "Professional/Technical Program Approval Process" on the SBCTC Professional-Technical Programs webpage "Current Guidelines for DTA Associate Degree" and " Current Guidelines for the Associate in Science – Transfer Agreement" on the SBCTC Transfer Resources webpage ).

Baccalaureate degrees: Approved applied baccalaureate degrees may be awarded by community and technical colleges. Applied baccalaureate degrees create continued education for graduates of professional and technical associate degree programs by providing advanced technical course and/or management courses along with additional general education course work (see RCW 28B.50.810 and RCW 28B50.030(2)).

4.20.10 Community and Technical College PostSecondary Awards

The State Board authorizes community and technical colleges to award diplomas, certificates, associate degrees and at authorized colleges applied baccalaureate degrees (see RCW 28B.50.140 (12) and Appendix D: Applied Baccalaureate Degree Program Approval Process). Guidelines have been implemented that provide information on postsecondary program degrees and certificates , the high school diploma as a high school-level award, completion of federal apprentice programs and alternative certifications and completion of individually tailored workforce programs. (see “Guidelines for Reporting Degrees and Certificates” on the SBCTC Data Reporting: Coding webpage).

Policy Resources

Policy History

ActionDescriptionRevision Date
SBCTC Resolution 14-09-59 pdf Added Appendix D: Applied Baccalaureate Degree Program Approval Process  9/10/2014
Passage of E2SHB 2483 (2012) pdf Eliminated the Higher Education Coordinating Board’s role in approving CTC applied baccalaureate degrees 7/1/2012
Passage of SSB 6355 (2010) pdf 4.20.00 updated to reflect changes in statute for applied baccalaureate degrees. 7/1/2010
Passage of SSB 5104 (2008) pdf 4.20.00 updated to include applied baccalaureate degrees 8/15/2008
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 pdf Board approved Policy Manual 9/19/2002

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