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SBCTC Policy Manual
Chapter 4: Instructional Program and Course Development

4.40.00 Professional-Technical Programs

All professional-technical degree and certificate programs must be approved by the SBCTC prior to course or program implementation (see RCW 28B.50.090(7)(c)). As part of this responsibility, the SBCTC:

  1. Sets rules/procedures/guidelines, developed in cooperation with the college system, that provide for the approval of all proposed new professional/technical programs, curriculum modifications and program title changes (see Professional/Technical Program Approval Process and Appendix E: Work-Based Learning Programs).
  2. Requires that colleges certify professional-technical staff and faculty as provided by WAC 131-16-070 through WAC 131-16-095.

4.40.10 Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence were created and funded by the State Board in 2003 to better link the community and technical college system to the industries which drive the economy. Each center is located on a different host campus and is staffed with a director and, depending on center resources, some support staff. Advisory boards consisting of industry representatives and other stakeholders meet regularly to oversee and direct the center’s activities. Typical activities include: providing industry contacts for curricula and program development, skills gap analysis, professional development, conducting summits and workshops on emerging industry topics, and the development of skills standards. Centers of Excellence will act as the repository of all previously created Skills Standards relevant to their stated industry sector.

Curricula, assessments and related instructional materials based on the skill standards are developed by public schools, colleges and other entities with a variety of public and private resources. Each fund source has its own set of rules or guidelines governing resale, therefore projects should refer to the requirements of the specific fund source(s).

4.40.20 Advisory Committees for Professional-Technical programs

Each community and technical college or college district is required to have an industry advisory committee for each program (see RCW 28B.50.252) and to follow approved College Advisory Committee Procedures (see Appendix G: College Advisory Committee Procedures).

Policy Resources

Policy History

ActionDescriptionRevision Date
Funding for the development of Skills Standards ceased.  Centers of Excellence were assigned the responsibility. 4.40.10 Centers of Excellence information replaced information for Skills Standards Ownership. Approx 2010
  4.40.00 updated by removing section referring to approval of new programs by HECB (previously #2 or 3). 1/30/2006
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 9/19/2002

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