Eligible Veterans or National Guard Members (fee pay status 70)

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Tuition Waiver

The Legislature established this waiver to honor veterans, and National Guard members. 


Community colleges may waive all tuition (operating and building fees) and services and activities fees for eligible veterans or National Guard members.

An eligible veteran or National Guard member is defined as one who is:

  • A Washington domiciliary
  • Active or reserve member of military or naval or National Guard called to active duty
  • Served in active federal duty under either Title 10 or Title 32 of the US Code
  • In a war or conflict fought on foreign soil or in international waters, or served in support of those that were (serving on foreign soil or in international waters)
  • If discharged, has received an honorable discharge

This waiver is included in the 35% Legislative limit.

Statutory Authority

RCW 28B.15.621(2) – Tuition waivers – veterans and national guard members – dependents – private institutions.


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