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Tuition Waiver

This waiver is for eligible state employees and teachers and other certificated staff.


Community colleges may waive tuition (operating and building fees) and services and activities fees for state employees employed half-time or more. The waiver shall also be available to teachers and other certificated instructional staff employed at public common and vocational schools, holding or seeking a valid endorsement and assignment in a state-identified shortage area.   Students shall be charged a registration fee of not less than five dollars. Students shall be enrolled on a space available basis.   

Community colleges may give preference to employees of the college before considering waivers for eligible persons not employed by the college. If a college participates in this waiver, it shall include all eligible state employees in the pool of those eligible to participate in the program with equal treatment between those employed full-time and half-time or more. 

These students are not to be included in state enrollment counting.

This waiver is not included in the 35% legislative limit.

Statutory Authority

RCW 28B.15.558 – Waiver of tuition and fees for state employees and educational employees. 


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