Data Training For BEdA-Funded Programs

Data Training Opportunities

We offer training for grantee teams to learn about systems that allow providers to show student performance. It is useful for teachers and administrators for making program improvement decisions. These trainings cover:

  • Assessment of student gain – CASAS Test Administration Training
  • Collecting usable data – National Reporting System (NRS) Data Quality Training
  • Entering data and extracting reports from Washington’s Adult Basic Education Reporting System – WABERS+ Data Training
  • Analyzing data and planning for program improvement – Using Data for Program Improvement (DPI) Training

Much of this training is available on-line or through Collaborate web conferencing technologies, while some of the workshops are face to face. Descriptions of the workshops are found below. For more information about Data Training, contact Cindy Wilson.

CASAS Test Administration Training

CASAS is the standardized assessment tool for Washington state. Acceptance of federal funding for BEdA activities requires assessment of gains using an approved instrument from the federal list. CASAS was selected from this list as it most closely measures demonstrable gains in contexts that are important to adults. While standardized tests are only one way to measure adult progress, and instructors are strongly encouraged to use multiple ways of doing so, CASAS data does allow not only a measurement of progress but also diagnostic information for individuals and groups of students.

To maintain a standardized system, the state offers annual training in test administration (called CASAS Implementation Training) and supports cadre members at each grantee institution, who in turn are authorized to teach others at their schools to administer the tests. Cadre members are re-certified annually in meetings that take place in the fall, and supported through a list serve and updates. For more information, contact Susan Kidd.

National Reporting System (NRS) Data Quality Training

The aim of NRS Data Quality Training is to help programs build and maintain the types of local data collection and reporting systems that promote valid and reliable data necessary for program improvement and accountability. In this one-day workshop, participants are provided a more in-depth look at the story told by the data for their programs. Is the story told by the data, the right story?

During the course of the workshops, programs will conduct an in-depth examination of their own data system, a review of the elements needed for local systems to maintain valid and reliable data, and a chance for peer coaching and support

Each funded program is required to have a team of at least three people (director and two key staff) trained in NRS data collection approaches (Data Quality Checklist and WA State Assessment Policy). New directors are required to attend this training with two key staff. Because of the system emphasis on new FTEs, Momentum Points and Transitions, you are welcome to bring a team of up to five, including the program director, WABERS data entry person, lead teacher(s) and institutional researcher. For more information, contact Beth Wheeler.

WABERS+ Data Training

"Where did that WABERS+ data go?"

Need help accessing your reports?  Need help getting to data that isn’t in a report?  Want to learn how to customize and pull data from WABERS+?

We offer trainings that review how to get data quality reports and performance reports from WABERS+. We discuss the data elements required in WABERS+ prior to each snapshot. The "snapshot" databases (Data Extract files) are used for in-depth program analysis. WABERS+ training is a prerequisite for Data for Program Improvement (DPI) training. WABERS+ trainings are open to all WABERS+ users. For more information, contact Scott Toscano.

Data for Program Improvement (DPI) Training

DPI is a professional development opportunity that builds upon AIDDE (Abt Associates practitioner inquiry model), Inquiry Projects, and other program improvement initiatives. It is customized to the unique needs of basic skills providers in Washington State. WABERS+ trainings is a prerequisite for the DPI training.

DPI guides provider teams through the process of analyzing program needs and accomplishments. Additionally, it provides training to create and use data graphics to enhance communication with internal and external stakeholders. Participants also get valuable focused time to work within their teams and with other teams to share information, dilemmas, learning, and strategies.

This training meets the AIDDE and data analysis requirements in the grant. For more information, contact Lou Sager.


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