System Task Forces And Committees

To assist the State Board in reviewing policy issues, the State Board has developed a number of system committees and task forces that are comprised of system representatives that are important to bring together on a given topic. These groups generally include State Board members, local trustees, presidents, State Board staff, and other representatives of the college community. The system committees and task forces, the purposes of the committees, and compositions are listed below:

Joint Legislative Committee (JLC)

The purpose of the JLC is to provide advice to the State Board and the State Board staff on legislative issues. The JLC reviews the legislative priorities of the trustees and the presidents to formulate a recommendation to the State Board for a system legislative platform. During the legislative session, the JLC meets weekly (via telephone) to advise the State Board staff on legislative positions for the system. The composition of the committee is:

  • SBCTC Executive Director (serves as chair)
  • Three State Board members
  • Three trustees (TACTC president, chair and vice chair of the Legislative Steering Committee)
  • Three presidents (WACTC president, chair and vice chair of the WACTC Legislative and Public Information Committee)
  • State Board Staff

Mission Study Task Force

In September 2008, the SBCTC commissioned the Mission Study Task Force to examine how well the college system is serving the people of Washington State, identify future needs and recommend policies and strategies to meet those needs.

Technology Transformation Task Force

The Strategic Technology Plan is the product of an 18-month analysis conducted by the Technology Transformation Task Force for the purpose of creating a roadmap for how our system needs to leverage 21st Century technologies to support student achievement.

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