Resources for Determining Approved Training Programs for WorkFirst Students

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Washington State Community and Technical Colleges
Professional/Technical (Vocational) Programs

Are you working with a parent who is already enrolled in a community and technical college?

The list of colleges below provides information about approved professional/technical (vocational) training programs at each college.

College Professional/Technical Programs

Private Career Schools and Colleges

Are you working with a parent who is already enrolled at a private career school or college?

To determine if a program at a private career school or college is an approved training program, use the WTECB Eligible Training Provider List (Provided by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board ). Enter the name of the institution to see if the institution is on the eligible training provider list. Then check to see if the program is listed.

If the institution is on the list and the program is listed as one of the institution's eligible programs, it is an approved training program.

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