Worker Retraining

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In response to dramatic changes in the structure of Washington's economy, the layoffs of thousands of workers in major industries, and the long-term need for training programs for Washington citizens, the legislature enacted the Workforce Employment and Training Act in 1993.

As a result of this legislation, Washington's college Worker Retraining programs have served more than 116,000 unemployed and dislocated workers. This law significantly expanded the training available to the thousands of jobless workers who need to change careers in order to re-enter the workforce.

Worker Retraining can help pay for training expenses at Washington's community and technical colleges and select licensed private schools for individuals who lost their jobs due to economic changes and for those receiving Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

Community and technical colleges also receive Worker Retraining funding to improve programs that prepare people for work. Based on input from local employers, government, and community, these funds are used to update equipment, revise curriculum, and develop work experience opportunities. Colleges also hire staff to advise Worker Retraining students and coordinate Worker Retraining programs.

Worker Retraining Information for Private Career Schools and Colleges (PCSCs)

Private Career Schools and Colleges

Information for Interested Students

If you are a Washington State resident, and interested in whether you may qualify for worker retraining, please use the links below to locate the student contact at the community and technical college nearest to you. You may also review the private vocational schools who are currently offering worker retraining funds to eligible students.

Community & Technical Colleges Student Contacts 2015-16
Private Career Schools & Colleges Eligible for WRT Funds 2014-15

2015-16 Worker Retraining Application Information (CTCs)

2015-16 Worker Retraining Guidelinespdf

The 2015-16 Worker Retraining applications are due in OGMS no later than May 21, 2015.

Watch the technical assistance webinar herepdf

2014-15 Worker Retraining Information (CTCs)

2014-15 Worker Retraining Guidelinespdf
Active Duty Military Policypdf
Stop Gap Employment Policypdf

The 2014-15 Worker Retraining applications are due in OGMS no later than May 1, 2014. Please note: The due date coincides with the first day of the Spring Workforce Education Council meeting. Please plan accordingly.

Grant Release Date and Due Date

Other Helpful Links

Online Grant Management Systems (OGMS) is web-based application that allows organizations to apply for and track the status of grant requests made to the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. In need of assistance, please contact Mason Norman, Workforce Services Coordinator.

SBCTC Upload Engine (SUE) is a secure site for colleges to upload confidential information. In need of assistance, please contact Mason Norman, Workforce Services Coordinator.

Listserv - WRCood - Worker Retraining Coordinators LISTSERV

Rapid Response

The Workforce Investments Act of 1998 requires that each state establish a rapid response Dislocated Worker Unit (DWU) to implement statewide rapid response activities to assist employers and impacted workers as quickly as possible,  following either permanent closures or mass layoffs, or natural or other disasters resulting in mass job dislocations.

The Washington State Employment Security Department Dislocated Workers Unit (DWU) oversees and supports rapid response activities led locally by the 12 regional Workforce Development Councils (WDCs). The DWU Rapid Response Team is the focal point in assisting local rapid response teams. Rapid Response represents the immediate effort by federal, state, and local officials, to help impacted workers immediately upon notification that a layoff will occur. Rapid Response involves coordinating and sharing information to facilitate access to programs and services that can assist individuals in finding new employment and/or retraining opportunities.

For more information regarding the Rapid Response Team in your area, contact your regional Workforce Development Council (WDC).

Worker Retraining Monitoring and Analysis Reports

The Worker Retraining FTE Monitoring ReportPDF shows Worker Retraining allocations and enrollments for each college for the current and past fiscal year by quarter. It displays FTES.

The Worker Retraining Analysis reports below show Worker Retraining enrollments for each college for the most recent quarter available compared to the same quarter the prior year and the previous sequential quarter for the current year. It displays both FTES and headcount.

Annual Quarter by Quarter Headcount and FTES Reports

Worker Retraining Accountability Reports

For more information about Worker Retraining, contact Katherine Mahoney or Kendra Hodgson

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