Associate in Applied Science - T (AAS-T)

The Associate in Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) Degree

Approved by the Washington Community and Technical College Association (President’s group) March 8, 2002.

The AAS-T is built upon the technical courses required for job preparation but also includes a college-level general education component, common in structure for all such degrees.  The distinguishing characteristic of the AAS-T is a minimum of 20 credits of  general education courses drawn from the same list as those taken by students completing the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree or the Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree (that is, the list of courses generally accepted in transfer.  AAS-T courses are designed for the dual purpose of immediate employment and as preparation for the junior year in a bachelor’s degree commonly described as the bachelor of applied science (BAS). The AAS-T degree generally will not be accepted in transfer in preparation for bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees although the general education component of the degree will be accepted in transfer.

Awarding the AAS-T is at the option of the college.  Not all technical degrees are appropriate for the AAS-T designation.  Each college determines which degrees are to be so designated. 

The General Education Component of the AAS-T

All courses in the general education component of the AAS-T must be generally transferable courses and the must assure that the student have a foundation in communication and quantitative skills as well as an introduction in science, social science and humanities.   These courses may also serve the dual purpose of meeting industry requirements for job preparation. 

A minimum of 20 credits must include the following:

  • 5 credits in Communication – ENGL 101 - English Composition.
  • 5 credits in math – Any generally transferable math course with Intermediate Algebra as a prerequisite.
  • 10 credits in Science, Social Science or Humanities – Courses selected from the generally accepted in transfer list. These courses may also met the human relations requirement for technical degrees.

The Transcript Designator

It is essential that four-year institutions be able to identify which transcripts are for degrees that meet this AAS-T standard and which do not. For this reason, colleges are urged to name this degree the Associate in Applied Science - T. SBCTC requires use of Exit T for all AAS-T degrees.

BAS-Type Degrees

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