Basic Education for Adults (BEdA) Program Requirements


Policies, guidelines, and valuable resources for providers of Basic Education for Adults (BEdA) in Washington state.

BEdA Handbook

The BEdA Handbook is a guidebook outlining requirements and policies for running adult education programs in Washington State.

Assessment Policy/CASAS/NRS

The Assessment Policy (7.10.14)pdf articulates the Washington State policy to standardize ABE program assessment practices in order to provide the best possible educational services to adult learners.

Minimum Components

The minimum componentspdf of adult basic education services, activities, and programming in Washington include:

  1. Program Orientation
  2. Identify Teaching and Learning Plan
  3. Instruction
  4. Feedback
  5. Transitions and Pathways
  6. Resource Collection

Program Monitoring and Reviews

The BEdA Office at SBCTC “desk monitors” the electronic records of all its basic skills providers in the state every quarter, and conducts on-site program reviews as necessary and as required by Title II of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and by the National Reporting System (NRS) for Adult Education.

Learning Standards

The Washington State Adult Learning Standards are used to:

  • Provide a common language that defines educational sucess for students, teachers, partners, funders, and others
  • Design local curricula, course outlines, and lesson plans
  • Engage departments in planning for outcomes and alignment between levels
  • Communicate to students the skills and strategies taught and performance expected in any particular class
  • Facilitate student goal-setting
  • Assess student progress
  • Encourage faculty professional development and collegial dialog
  • Articulate with other educational partners (i.e. WorkFirst, vocational/technical programs) and help students transition (i.e. to college classes, vocational training)

Records Retention


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