English Literacy and Civics Education (EL Civics)

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English Literacy and Civics Education (EL/Civics Education) funding supports projects that demonstrate effective practices in providing, and increasing access to, English literacy programs integrated with civics education. EL/Civics Education instruction goes far beyond the scope of the naturalization process to integrate a comprehensive civic participation component into English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) instruction. EL/Civics projects stress contextualized learning in which language and literacy are developed through practical, immediately relevant, thematic units. Experiential learning concepts such as the "classroom without walls" in which students are actively engaged in community pursuits are integrated into program delivery.

EL/Civics learners in Washington are currently involved in the following types of activities:

  • Problem-solving student-identified issues of local community concern (i.e., the need for bilingual medical care, the need for a speed bump on a heavily populated street, etc.),
  • Working in short-term internships or job/role shadowing and job skills development,
  • Participating in community enrichment initiatives and volunteer opportunities such as graffiti paint-out, trash pick up, cultural diversity celebrations, habitat restoration, creating/maintaining a community garden, or mentoring others,
  • Learning about the culture of the American workplace and the skills and behaviors needed to succeed in the labor market,
  • Researching and using community/educational/governmental resources, such as libraries, museums, support groups, and local and state government agencies/institutions,
  • Learning about the rights and responsibilities of community members and navigating through bureaucratic systems to exercise those rights and responsibilities,
  • Participating in living history presentations, arts, music and other media to understand American values and traditions,

....and much more!

For more information about EL/Civics programs in Washington state, contact Jon Kerr at jkerr@sbctc.edu.

Coming July 1, 2016 - EL Civics will change to become Integrated English and Literacy Civics Education

The term “integrated English literacy and civics education” means education services provided to English language learners who are adults, including professionals with degrees and credentials in their native countries, that enables such adults to achieve competency in the English language and acquire the basic and more advanced skills needed to function effectively as parents, workers, and citizens in the United States. Such services shall include instruction in literacy and English language acquisition and instruction on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civic participation, and may include workforce training.

Beginning July 1, 2016 Integrated English and Literacy Civics Education can only fund co-enrolled integrated employment training activities such as I-BEST. The video (link below) will help you plan now to take advantage of current funding and plan to implement I-BEST programs for second language learners.

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