Data & Accountability

The Office of Adult Basic Education (ABE), part of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC), prepares and submits to the U.S. Department of Education an annual narrative and statistical report describing progress toward achieving performance targets.

Performance Targets

SBCTC/ABE establishes and implements a comprehensive performance accountability system.  The accountability system assesses the effectiveness of eligible local providers’ achievement in continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of adult basic education services funded under WIA Title II.

Eligible local provider performance measures include demonstrated student improvements in literacy levels within a program level, completion of educational functioning levels, and advancement to higher program levels.  Additional performance measures include receipt of a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, placement in post-secondary education and training, entering employment, and retaining employment.

The ABE Office negotiates federal performance targets and relies on the outcomes of students enrolled in adult basic education (ABE) services to achieve those performance goals. In preparing proposed levels of performance, SBCTC/ABE considers its prior performance levels with similar populations, and the ABE services and activities provided. SBCTC/ABE increases performance targets at a rate of two percent over prior actual results to promote continuous improvement in all ABE services..

The Washington State ABE Assessment Policy documents how CASAS assessment instruments must be used to document ABE educational gains.  All providers must use these procedures for all enrolled students. SBCTC/ABE “data-matches” students to determine whether students entered or retained employment, enrolled in post-secondary education or earned a high school or GED diploma. Providers delivering ABEservices using distance education or e-learning also must measure student performance.


SBCTC/ABE developed the Washington Adult Basic Education Reporting System (WABERS+) a statewide reporting system to facilitate data collection of student enrollments in adult education programs. WABERS+ helps local providers collect and report student demographic, progress and outcome information.  WABERS also provides reports that enable local providers to analyze data for continuous program improvement.


The ABE Office offers a variety of training and workshops for program directors, faculty, and other staff to learn about systems that allow providers to shows how students are doing and is useful to teachers and administrators for making program improvement decisions.

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